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SSC GD Constable Books – Booklist for Constable Exam 2023

Are you looking for download link of SSC GD Constable Books 2023? If yes, then check how to download PDF file from here.

For all the students who are preparing for the SSC GD Constable exam, it is very important to know the information about the SSC GD Constable subject, today we are going to give you detailed information about the SSC GD book, which will help you a lot if you are also preparing for SSC GD, then this book is going to be very helpful for you and we are going to give you all the related information in this article today, so let us know.

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SSC GD Constable Books 2023

If any student studies, then books are considered to be his best friend because books always support him but it is a matter of competition because there are many children preparing for this so we have to do something different to be the best and to be strong so to get selected in the challenging exam like SSC GD Constable candidate has to make himself strong in a different way that’s why we will provide you information related to best book for SSC GD.

There are mainly four stages in SSC GD Exam.

  • Physical efficiency test
  • Physical standard test
  • Computer-based test
  • Detailed medical examination

If your computer-based exam consists of any one objective type paper out of 100 marks then you have to answer it in 90 minutes duration that’s why in SSC GD ke liye best book mainly 4 subjects are provided which are asked in the exam.

SSC GD Constable Books for General Intelligence & Reasoning

In recent times, General Intelligence is a very important subject from the point of view of examination because it tests the material and logical mental ability of the candidate, after that this General Intelligence is required after very good practice in Rajni teaching so that the student can answer more and more questions in less time, for this some popular preparation for intelligence has happened below, as well as information about SSC GD reasoning practice set has also been given.

Book: General Intelligence & Reasoning Smart Book by Test Book

Importance: SSC General Intelligence & Reasoning Smart Book for SSC GD Constable is known for lots of immersive features in which students are helped through some unimaginable ways and out of which 4000 smart questions are provided with answers 7 aspirants are enabled to compare and analyze their performance data wise with students so that they can enjoy reading. Also, they are provided with more videos.

Analytical Reasoning:

It is a kind of informative and comprehensive book in which you are provided with all the basics of Reasoning and Analytical Reasoning. Along with this, it helps you to get encouragement at the time of the annual examination.

SSC GD Analytical Reasoning Book

Verbal and non-verbal reasoning: This book is made according to the novelty pattern and masses in which you are given extra question questions of a competitive exam, as well as the book candidate, is told and guided in a faster, shorter, and more intelligent way to study both the part i.e., verbal and non-verbal in the book.

SSC GD Constable books for general knowledge

If you are looking for SSC GD ke Liye best book for general knowledge, then below we are going to tell you about some very good books about which you can take knowledge and start studying from them.

Name of the BookSmart Book of General Knowledge

Importance: Smart Book of General Knowledge for SSC GD Constable is very important because in this you get to see the result of a collaborative effort of Chandra Prakashan, also you are given 4000 plus questions with answers and a smart answer key in which you are given all types of questions and answers which you can read easily and after reading them you can easily prepare for the exam, also you get to watch good videos and also use PDF notes.

SSC GD Constable books for quantitative aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude is considered to be the most difficult subject for the SSC GD book 2023. Students who have mastered this subject should know short tricks, as well as some theorems and much more information if you want to know about it, then we have told you a book for the preparation of its exam, through which you can prepare.

Name of the BookSmart Book of Quantitative Aptitude

Importance: In this book, you get questions and answers of all types of concepts through which you can prepare for it so you get these questions in Hindi and English which you can ask and prepare for your exam.

SSC GD Constable books for English language

SSC GD Hindi practice set If you want to score more in Hindi and English in any language, then you have to earn more knowledge, for this, you should read books related to both Hindi and English languages, about which we have mentioned below.

Name of BookSmart Book of English Language for SSC GD

Importance: If you are also preparing for SSC GD Constable then you should take information about the English Language Smart Book Test Book, in which you answer more than 4000 questions, as well as the smart answer key provided, in which you get answers to all types of questions, through which you can prepare, along with this, you are shown very good videos through which you can prepare and you also get access to PDF notes through which you can prepare your notebooks.

Top SSC GD Constable books in Hindi

SSC GD Hindi practice set If you are preparing for SSC GD constable through Hindi medium, then you have to work hard in this too, as well as you have to study from some of the best books, only then you can qualify in preparation for the exam.

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Author / Publisher of the book:  

  • SSC Constable GD Exam Guide 2023 Hindi __ Arihant Expert : Download Book
  • The Exam Card for 2030 Exams SSC GD Constable Objective Type Questions in Hindi are available for which the Exam Card has been prepared by an expert.
  • SSC GD Constable 6338 CS MCQ Books completely detailed information is available for Hindi medium also for which you can buy through Shikhar Publications : Download Book

top 5 SSC GD Constable books

All the students who are worried about the SSC GD Book, do not understand which book to buy for the exam will be the best, then I would like to suggest that all the students should buy the top 5 trending book which is the most selling present time and in this you have been given a lot of questions and answers through which you can take your studies to a very big level.

Book Name Author /Light No: 

  • Practice Set for SSC Constable GD is a very good book, you can buy it, its author Vivek Sir is from Parikshapur
  • SSC Constable GD Exam Guide 2023 published by Arihant.
  • For a complete guide to SSC Constable & Rifleman SSC GD Exam, you can buy books by Disha Publications

SSC GD Constable practice set

If you are also looking for an SSC GD Hindi Practice Set for the SSC GD constable exam then we are going to tell you about some of the best practices through which you can prepare you are provided with all types of complete information in them as well as this practice set you to focus on them as much as possible and try to solve them in these you are provided with more evaluation knowledge practice city paper than books through which you can gain knowledge and prepare for your upcoming exam we give you some books and Tell about their author’s upcoming publications.

Publications of Books and Authors Name:

  • SSC GD Constable is 70 exercises authored by Shikhar Prakashan that you can buy and prepare from.
  • You can buy this SSC 2022 Constable Study Guide, its author, and publication are Ji’s publications, through which you can prepare for your upcoming exam, in this you will get information about the previous exam.
  • You can buy 15 practice sets of SSC Constable GD 2023 through Arihant publication this Arihant publication so you will get all kinds of important knowledge in it and you can prepare for your upcoming exam through it.

How to choose the best SSC GD Constable books

If you are also looking for the best SSC GD Book for yourself or you want to make a significant contribution to this exam, then you will need a good book for which SSC GD Constable Books is a very important contribution to you, it can make or break your career, so the candidates appearing in the SSC GD Book Constable exam should carefully select any type of book because after selecting, you will have to study it and if your exam preparation is not done well, your chairman will not be in the way, then you will have to face the exam. You will have to find solutions to a lot of problems related to SSC, so you will have to look for a good SSC GD book.

Now we will tell you how you can find a good book, through which you can complete your preparation through SSC GD Constable Books and give your full support in the upcoming exam. If you are also preparing for SSC GD, then you should pay special attention to the books so that you do not face any kind of problem. We are going to tell you how you can choose a good book, so let us know.

1. Our Choose a book from a comfortable medium

If you are preparing for an SSC GD Constable books in Hindi medium then you may get disappointment because at present time many books are available in the market in English medium but every year many Hindi medium SSC GD constable books are also available but in present time Hindi books are very few but in coming time this book will be available Hindi medium students are getting very good rank sheet in exam so examiners have started making videos for Hindi toppers you can gain knowledge through them can get.

2. Choose the latest book:

While selecting any book, you have to keep in mind that which is the publication of that book and in which year it was made or you have to choose the SSC GD Constable books only after seeing it, through this you can increase your preparation many folds because in this you get a good book.

3. Choose a budget-friendly book

If you are going to buy your SSC GD Book then it is always advised that you must check the book according to your budget.


Today we have learned about the SSC GD Constable books, we have shared all kinds of information related to it with you, how you can find a good book for yourself, as well as all types of information related to the book, we hope you have liked and understood the information given by us, if you have any question related to this article, then you can ask us by commenting in the comment box. We will definitely answer all your questions, along with this, share this article with as many people as possible so that more people can also get information about it.

Which is the best book for SSC GD Constable

There are many SSC GD books through which you can prepare, for this no single book is stable, you can prepare according to your choice by choosing a good book.

Should I follow SSC GD books during preparation

The advice is given that if you are preparing then you should not get confused like this and keep preparing continuously by controlling your mind.

Which is the best SSC GD book for English

Best SSC GD Book for English is the best English book for generality competition released by KD Publications.

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