GST Verification 2023 Steps, Process, and Importance


Important steps related to GST Verification 2023 need to be known from this article. From here you can know the steps, process and importance.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an effective system. Many countries around the world have implemented this system. The GST system primarily streamlines the structure of a country, promotes transparency and economic growth. Hence GST verification is necessary to maintain its effectiveness. How to do this article GST Verification? And will throw light on its importance.

Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) is the fifteen-digit number given to every taxpayer in India. This number is given by the government and is registered under the GST regime. The number is unique, but it needs to be verified and should be unique. This verification can be done through the GST clear tool.

What is GST Number

The need for a check of the GST number is necessary before paying the taxes to the government. This number has made it easy for taxpayers. Earlier, under different taxes, the taxpayers used to get different numbers. But the GSTIN number has made work easier for people. Now using this number, all taxes can be paid. 

A person with a pan card may have many GSTIN numbers with the assessed to be paying the income tax to the government. Every union territory and every state issues a particular GSTIN number. So each individual, when he crosses the threshold, has to get registered for a new GST number. 

Why should a taxpayer verify GST Verification

A taxpayer should always be alert and should check the GST number. A GST number helps the person to pay the tax, and that tax gets registered under the name of a proper name. But to avoid these guessing and be a true taxpayer should use different ways as follows to know the authenticity of the GST number.

The structure of the GST number

The GST number comprises 15 digits. Now we will see the structure of the GST number.

  • The first two digits of the GST number are the state code of the registered person.
  • The next ten digits are the PAN number of the registered person.
  • The 11th digit is the entity number of the same PAN.
  • The next character is the alphabet Z.
  • The last number may be alpha or digit, which is used for the detection of errors. 

How to verify the GST number by the PAN number

A normal person on the look can overall check the GST number by matching the numbers on the Pan card with that of the digits between 3 and 10 in the GST number.

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How to verify the GST number by the name

When you want to check the GST number of a company, you may enter the correct spelling of the name of the company. You need to enter at least the first ten characters of the name on the search toolbar. You even need to enter the state name. This may help you to verify the GST number through the name of the person. 

How to verify GST by GST No.

Go to the GST verification website. There, enter the GST number of the company whose GST verification you are trying to do. By entering the number and pressing enter, you will get the full information of the person or company whose name is the GST number registered. 

How to verify GST status

Through the GST Search Number tool provided by Masters India’s GST verification, one can verify the GST status. It helps us to verify the GST details and search with a single click and within a few seconds. 

How to create a GST login

GST login can be done very easily. The need for this is a valid GST number. You even need to have a useful and valid Indian mobile number.

The steps that may help to log in are:

  • Step 1: GST login can be done by going to the GST portal.
  • Step 2: Then you need to click on the ‘Login’ tab located at the top right corner of the page.
  • Step 3: Now, on this page, you need to enter the GST number and the mobile number in their fields. 
  • Step 4: In this step, you need to click on the button to send OTP. 
  • Step 5: After you receive the OTP, enter it and click on the ‘Login” button.
  • Step 6: The next step is the final step which takes you to the GST dashboard. Thus you enter the GST login and access the useful information.

Thus this way, the GST number can be verified in different ways.


In order to guarantee compliance and correctness in the taxation system, GST verification is essential. The government can prevent tax evasion and advance openness by authenticating GST-related information through cross-checking, online validation, and physical verification.

The advantages of GST verification include improved compliance, less tax evasion, higher trust, and improved efficiency. Adopting strict verification procedures enhances the GST framework’s overall performance and promotes a just and prosperous business environment.

Why is GST verification important

GST verification is crucial for maintaining a fair taxation system

What are the benefits of GST verification

GST verification has a number of benefits. By promoting proper record-keeping and conformity to tax requirements, it improves compliance.