Best Road Trips in India, Add to Your List


Are you searching for information related to Best Road Trips in India? Road trips in India are incredible and worth considering.

If you are also fond of road trips then this article is going to be very interesting for you. India is such a country where Culture and weather are very much liked by the tourists. If you are also ready for a road trip, then let us tell you that from mountains to coastal areas, from deserts to lush greenery, from snow to smoldering plains, from crowded cities to quaint villages, India is a treasure trove of captivating destinations. . Here we talk about what times to keep in mind before going on a road trip, so let’s understand this article in depth to make the road trip unforgettable.

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Planning a Road Trip in India

Careful planning is needed to make the road trip interesting. So that you can have a smooth and pleasant journey. Check out some of the details below.

1. Choose a Right Vehicle

To make your journey comfortable and enjoy the road trip, choose the right place as per the requirement. Factors like number of passengers, terrain and duration of journey need to be kept in mind while choosing the destination.

2. Plan Route

Plan the route before leaving for the trip, from where to where to do the road trip, make a list of resting places in between, keep a GPS device or smartphone with you so that you can identify the travel route.

3. Safety Tips

To make the journey auspicious, you should take care of all the means of safety like: seatbelt while traveling, following traffic rules, keeping first aid kit with you etc. Check the weather forecast, road closures, etc. before you leave.

Best Road Trips in India

India is a country spread over a large area and comes at number seven in terms of area. That’s why it is justified that there will be more road travel routes here. Here are some popular road trip destinations that should be on every traveller’s list.

1. The Golden Triangle : The Golden Triangle road forms a triangle on the map by linking Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. For history aficionados, this famous circuit, which includes some of India’s most important cultural sites, is a must-visit. This road trip takes you on a tour through India’s regal past, taking in the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra and the opulent forts and palaces of Jaipur.

Road TripsDistanceDuration
The Golden Triangle Road TripsDelhi to Agra: 230 KM
Agra to Jaipur: 240 KM
Jaipur to Delhi: 280 KM
3-4 hours
4-5 hours
5-6 hours

गर्मियों की छुट्टिया में घूमने की 5 जगह, कम खर्चे पर शानदार छुट्टियां बिताएं

2. Manali-Leh Highway : The Manali-Leh Highway is a mesmerizing route, nature lovers can enjoy this route. Mountain passes, serene lakes and ancient monasteries along the way add to the charm of this journey. The breathtaking views here, the challenging terrain make the travelers thrilling.

Road TripsDistanceDuration
Manali-Leh Highway Road Trips479 KM12-14 hours

3. Mumbai-Goa Coastal Route : If you want to enjoy the strong sun, rates and waves, then definitely include the Mumbai-Goa coastal route in your itinerary list. The picturesque beaches, quaint fishing villages and delicious seafood are sure to blow your mind. Do visit the natural beauty of Konkan beach in this journey.

Road TripsDistanceDuration
Mumbai-Goa Coastal Route Road Trips590 KM14-16 hours

4. Chennai to Pondicherry : Drive from Chennai to Pondicherry to discover the allure of the Coromandel Coast. You pass through picturesque scenery, old towns, and unspoiled beaches on this journey. Discover Pondicherry’s French architecture and colonial legacy, savour delicious French cuisine, and take in the serene atmosphere of Auroville while you’re there.

Road TripsDistanceDuration
Chennai to Pondicherry Road Trips160 KM3-4 hours

5. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway connects the two major cities of India. Which is about 94.5 kilometers long. This expressway is convenient and comfortable for the passengers. The beauty of nature here attracts a lot of travelers.

Road TripsDistanceDuration
The Mumbai-Pune Expressway Road Trip95 KM2-3 hours

6. Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley : The journey from Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley is amazing. The lost natural beauty of this place can be picked up by road trip. Driving here will give you a pleasant experience.

Road TripsDistanceDuration
Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley Road Trip114 KM3-4 hours

7. Bangalore to Bandipur Forest : The journey from Bangalore to Bandipur Forest is full of nature and wildlife. If you want to enjoy the jungle life, then add Bangalore to Bandipur Forest road trip to your list. Bandipur National Park is famous for its rich biodiversity.

Road TripsDistanceDuration
Bangalore to Bandipur Forest Road Trip220 KM4-5 hours

FAQs about Road Trip in India

An exciting journey that offers the ideal balance of independence, discovery, and cultural immersion is taking a car trip through India. Each mile travelled reveals the beauties of this amazing country, from the breathtaking scenery to the many cultural experiences. So gather your belongings, fill up your car with petrol, and head out on a memorable adventure through India’s picturesque highways.

Is it safe to road travel in India

It is necessary to take necessary precautions while traveling on the road. Start the trip with a perfect route plan.

How can I find my way around India when on a road trip

Smartphone applications and GPS units are helpful navigational aids. A printed map is also a good idea to have as a backup, especially in places with poor connection.